What We Learned About Social Media Marketing in 2013

2013 Social Media Trends in Review

According to analysts, 2013 offered a few surprising social media trends that may have a strong impact on social media in the coming year. First, a study from ODM Group showed that 53% of users recommend products or companies on Twitter. Companies can use social media to build brand loyalty, and interacting with customers on platforms like Twitter is becoming […]

Choosing to Win- Motivation

Choosing to Win

So what is a winning mindset? Their will never be a perfect moment to do something great. If you are waiting for that perfect timing, then it’s never going to happen. You have to create the perfect time. See what I mean in this video.

True Failure Is It Conditioned Into Us?


Are we conditioned for failure? I believe most of the time we are and we don’t even know it. The way I see it now is far different from my family up bringing and experience. This wasn’t always the case for me, but when I was growing up it was tough. We lived in a […]

New Facebook Panda Update May Alter Facebook Traffic

Facebook Panda 2014

For many businesses one of the easiest steps in opening a business to the public is making a business Facebook page. After the Business Facebook page is created the administrator can invite friends from their personal Facebook to like their page. This instantly creates a small audience. Also, in the Facebook world, when a user […]

5 Tips For YouTube Marketing


More and more businesses are turning to video, specifically to YouTube, to stay current with their marketing efforts. This social media/search network presents marketers with a new way to engage users, a useful trick for boosting time spent on their site, and valuable placement within Google search (remember that Google owns YouTube). It’s very important […]

Top Ten Twitter Tips

Twitter Tips

Do you want to optimize your Twitter presence? Here are 10 great Twitter tips to help you get the most out of this popular social network. Have a great profile picture – of yourself! Not your dog, kids, favorite sports logo, or significant other. This will give a face to your brand. It should be a close up photo, […]

WordPress Blogging Tips

Blogging tips

To help your efforts at keeping a well-run blog, here are 8 common WordPress mistakes explained so you can avoid them and ensure that your site runs faster and is more secure. 1) Keeping ‘admin’ an administrator. WordPress automatically creates the ‘admin’ username and gives it administrator privileges. Combine this with a poor password and you have a recipe for […]