Three Tips on the Best Business to Start in 2014

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Best Businesses to Start 2014Looking for some ideas on the best business to start in 2014? Here are three fascinating career moves that you can do with little or no start-up capital, followed by three off-the-beaten path ideas:

1. Social media consultants wanted everywhere

Take a look through the help-wanted ads and you’ll notice a high demand for talent in the field of maximizing clients’ presence in the social media realm. Social media — Facebook, Twitter, etc. — have essentially redefined marketing, but there are so many out there who are clueless on how to use these resources properly.

2. Privacy consultants needed to fill the breach

In the last eight years an astonishing 500 million consumers have had their online records compromised in some way. As online technology continues to spread into every aspect of our lives, plan on seeing that number rise exponentially. Businesses and private citizens continue to be prime targets for hackers and cyber criminals. Privacy consultants sell their services in the never-ending battle to stay one step ahead of those who have nothing more productive to do but prey on those wanting to make an honest living on line.

3. Be a personal or career coach and mentor

If you’re a seasoned life’s traveler, who has been there and done all that, there are those neophytes who could definitely benefit from your travels and experiences. You don’t need a degree in human resources to help people to bring out the best and maximizing their full potential, but experience and wisdom are definitely required.

Three more off the beaten track best businesses to start in 2014.

The foregoing are but three. Here are a few more that are out of the ordinary, but are real opportunities:

  • Pest control for invasive species. Newly arrived six-legged pests are making their way to American soil and are migrating westward. Species like the stinkbug and long-horned beetle are invading our homes, gardens and forests and Otto the Orkin Man so far doesn’t have the expertise to eradicate these critters.
  • Senior services for aging Baby Boomers. Next year all those babies born just after World War II through 1964 will continue to flood the ranks of our aging population. Skyrocketing costs for private senior care will undoubtedly place a high demand for in-home caregivers, whose main job is to just sit with the older folks and keep them company while the next generation is out at work.
  • Organizers help both hoarders as well of those who want to simplify their lives. There are those whose innate abilities to keep things straight and organized are on the extremely practical side of compulsiveness. The latter folks can be of great assistance to those whose hoarding — or just general sloppiness — is cluttering up their lives.

So the bottom line here is that becoming successful during 2014 is seeing the opportunity as your niche and filling it. Someone once said that the best job you can have is finding something you love to do and get someone to pay you for doing it.

Here is the best business to start in 2014 and 2015.

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